Work Accident Security

Give protection against accident risks takin place under employment relationship including accident on the way to work place from the house


Protection ot Work Accident Risk

Starting from the way to work place, leaving work place to return home, during working at work place and during taking duty travels

Unlimited medical treatment

as medically necessary

Compensation during not working

(the first 6 months at 100%, the second 6 months as 75%, and thereafter 50% until full recuperation

Death compensation

Compensation for the Death as a result of work accident at 48 x wage as reported by the company (employer) or participant

Scholarship facility for 2 child

Educational scholarship will be granted for an amount maximum of 174 million rupiah to 2 dependant children of insured person who dies or having a permanent disability as a result of employment injury

Aids for re-employment preparedness

Advocacy for participant sustaining work accident or occupational disease starting from the entering of participant to hospital until his/her readiness to work again

Special Benefits of Indonesian Overseas Workers (PMI)

1. Healthcare service for work accident security (JKK) until full recuperation with unlimited ceiling.*

2. Reimbursement to transportation fees: **

  • A. A. Land, river or lake transportation until max. Rp.1 million
  • B. Sea transportation until max Rp.1.5 million
  • C. Air transportation until max. Rp/2.5 million
  • D. If more than one transportation mode is used, the reimbursement will cover all transportation modes used until the maximum ceiling as established for the respective modes as referred to in letter A, B, and C.

3. Compensation for Disability : **

  • A. For total permanent disability: Rp.100 million
  • B. Periodic compensation for total permanent disability Rp.4.8 million (paid at once)
  • C. Partial anatomy disability: % disability table x Rp.142 million
  • D. Partial functional disability: % functional disability x % disability table x Rp.142 million

4. Rehabilitation of Orthese and or Prothese.*

5. Reimbursement for dentures Rp.3 million *

Compensation for death due to work accident at Rp.85 million and 1 child as beneficiary of education scholarship until bachelor degree or vocational training course

Death due to physical violence and rape/sexual harassment covered under JKK (Work Accident Security). ***

  • *Applicable before and after the Placement of Candidate Indonesian Overseas Worker/Indonesian Overseas Worker (CTKI/TKI)
  • **Applicable before, during and after CTKI/TKI placement
  • ***Applicable during Indonesian Overseas Worker (TKI) working in the country where he/she is placed