Dead Security

Provide benefits of cash money to the beneficiaries when the participant passes away not due to work accident


Death Compensation

Benefits of cash money given to beneficiaries when the participant dies not due to work accident

Periodic Compensation for 24 months

Periodic compensation 24 x Rp.200 thousand = Rp.4.8 million paid at once

Funeral Expenses

Funeral fees at Rp.3 million

Scholarship facility for 1 child

Given to the participant with contribution period of min. 5 years in amount of max. Rp.12 million

Total Benefits

The overall benefits of death security will amount Rp.36 million

Special benefits for Indonesian Overseas Workers (TKI)

1. Death compensation at Rp85 million.**

2. Periodic compensation at Rp.4.8 million paid at once *

3. Funeral fees at Rp.3 million*

4. Compensation at once Rp16.2 million.*

5. Education scholarship for 1 child until bachelor degree or for taking vocational training course.**

*Applicable before and after CTKI/TKI placement  **Applicable during working in the country where TKI worker is placed