Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI)

Indonesian Migrant Worker is individual of Indonesian citizen who will work, is working or have been worked abroad with wage

Social Security Programs for Candidate Indonesian Migrant Workers/Indonesia Migrant Workers (CPMI/PMI) consist of:

  • a) The programs that must be taken are Work Accident Security (JKK) and Death Security (JKM)

  • b) The recommended program (voluntary) to take is Old Day Security (JHT).

Easy Access to Services

  • 1. Extensive office networks (122 Branch Offices and 203 Pioneer Office) across Indonesia

  • 2. Supported with reliable system to support services and information dissemination to CPMI/ PMI workers.

  • 3. Broad cooperation with banking networks, domestic and international

  • 4. Have built cooperation with numerous hospitals/Health Facilities reaching 6,055 units throughout Indonesia to facilitate service provision in the event of risks before and after placement

  • 5. Integrated system to facilitate contribution and claim payment

Registration Process and Contribution Payment Flows

For CPMI workers who are about to head the destination countries, they must register at SISKOTKLN

Online Registration


Protection plans available